What is a Medical Imaging Center?


To aid the diagnosis of various diseases and physical ailments, doctors often rely on diagnostic images of internal systems, organs, muscles and bones. Medical imaging centers, which may be standalone or attached to a facility and provide routine diagnostic and imaging services, help expedite the overall diagnostic process.

But not all imaging centers are created equal. To better understand what sets select imaging centers apart from the rest, Bobby Himel, the Imaging Manager at Methodist Hospital for Surgery (MHFS), shared his expertise and insight.

Interestingly, Mr. Himel began by noting that patients should know about the manufacturer and model of equipment being used at whatever imaging center they’re visiting. It’s just like buying a new car or home appliance—you know that some manufacturers stand above the rest. General Electric is the equipment manufacturer of choice at MHFS, and is one Mr. Himel regards as a top provider.

In addition to manufacturer information, patients should feel free to ask whether equipment is calibrated regularly and if routine preventative maintenance has recently been performed. Patients who make this type of inquiry at MHFS are provided detailed information, including preventative maintenance records and calibration information.

Of course the quality and reputation of imaging center staff tops the list of important factors, because equipment is only as good as those operating it. To that end Mr. Himel explains that all imaging center technologists hold advanced certifications in their respective fields. Similarly, the radiologists who interpret diagnostic tests are board-certified in radiology and can be further certified in select specialties. For example, if a patient at MHFS has an MRI of the knee, the MRI technologist who performs the study will hold an advanced registry in MRI; the radiologist who then interprets the study will be a board-certified orthopedic radiologist. At some facilities, Mr. Himel cautions, you may find an X-ray technologist who performs the MRI and a general radiologist who interprets the test.

Mr. Himel further explains that the MHFS imaging department holds an advanced certification with the American College of Radiology in CT and MRI. The rigorous process for certification ensures the quality of the scans performed at MHFS and ensures safety to the patient, helping the Imaging Center at MHFS stand out from all others.

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