Simple ENT Surgery Can Make a Big Difference


Many people are skeptical that a simple ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery can dramatically improve their quality of life. But the truth is ENT surgeries aim to do just that. With allergy season right around the corner, more and more people are aware of just how aggravating their chronic sinus and allergy problems are, but did you know there reasons beyond allergies to consider visiting an ENT? You might be surprised to learn just how many conditions these specialists can correct with simple surgery.

Some of the most common ENT surgeries and procedures performed at Methodist Hospital for Surgery (MHFS) include endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty, turbinectomy, tonsillectomy, thyroid surgery and tympanoplasty. While most of these procedures sound intimidating, an experienced surgeon at MHFS can help you understand why one of these procedures may be the ideal solution to your condition.

According to Dr. Rajiv Pandit, an ENT surgeon at MHFS since it opened four years ago, the typical cases they see in their office that could benefit from a surgical procedure include chronic sinus infections, snoring, sore throat, hearing loss, neck masses and thyroid nodules. Not all of these cases require surgery, but many patients are surprised to learn that a simple surgery can do more than alleviate their symptoms—it can effectively cure the underlying cause.

In addition to improving a patient’s overall quality of life, ENT surgery can also improve special senses, such as hearing, smell and taste, as well as special functions like speaking and hearing. As with all surgeries, the patient will need time off from work and select daily activities in order to recover. Dr. Pandit believes the state-of-the-art facilities and best equipment available help ensure patients a successful outcome.

So how do you know if ENT surgery is the answer? The first step is a consultation with the ENT team at MHFS. If it turns out your symptoms are recurrent or last more than three weeks, further evaluation will be sought in order to determine the right course of treatment. The unique thing about ENT specialists is they are both medical doctors and surgeons, so problems are first treated medically. However, if further treatment or surgery is needed, the same ENT specialist can follow through with surgery, so a referral to another doctor is not needed.

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