Imaging Services at Methodist Hospital for Surgery


The modern imaging techniques provided at Methodist Hospital for Surgery (MHFS) offer highly personalized, non-invasive care that can be tailored to each patient’s size, weight, age, and other unique factors. Overseeing the Imaging Services department at MHFS is Bobby Himel. With over 20 years of experience in the field of imaging, Himel brings a level of experience and professionalism to his work each day that ensures patients receive the highest level of care.

After graduating radiography school, Himel specialized in CT and MRI. After working in these modalities for 15 years, he then ventured into the imaging informatics discipline. Himel later became one of the first 100 individuals in the world to become registered as a Certified Imaging Informatics Professional. He has also passed the Network+ examination that qualifies him to be a Network System Administrator.

Medical imaging helps detect and diagnose disease at its earliest, most treatable stage, enabling a new and more powerful generation of diagnosis and intervention. A variety of conditions can be diagnosed using imaging services. Among the most popular at MHFS are for herniated vertebral discs, torn cartilage of the knee or shoulder, and preoperative evaluations of the patient’s chest.

When visiting the Imaging Services department at MHFS, patients can expect to be seen quickly — the average wait time for a patient with an appointment is five minutes. Patients can also be assured that their comfort level during the procedure is the imaging staff’s No. 1 concern. The Imaging Services department is equipped with many comfort devices and has recently purchased Tempur-Pedic pads for their MRI scanner. Warm blankets are also given to all patients.

What sets MHFS apart from other imaging departments is that Himel and his team are able to cater to patients in a more personal environment. While patients sometimes become nothing more than a number at a bigger institution, patients at MHFS receive timely care that is delivered in an expert manner.

  • Methodist Hospital for Surgery offers the following imaging modalities:
  • Bone Density Scan
  • CT Scan
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Ray

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