How Technology Affects Your Body


It’s no secret that we are inundated with technology everyday. The way we communicate with family members and loved ones, how we read our news, pay our bills, receive healthcare and go to work are all streamlined by technological advances.

While information is now readily available at our fingertips and we are more connected than ever, our bodies are prone to suffer from the adverse effects technology can have. Whether sitting too long at our desks, losing proper spinal alignment or not being active enough, it has become increasingly easy to develop poor habits and suffer from greater health risks.

Instead of accepting these conditions as the norm, there are many ways to help maintain your health and well being and keep your body in check.

Ergonomic Accessories

There are numerous ergonomically friendly devices that can help prevent the onset of health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic keyboards, mouse pads and arm rests help keep resting posture correct and alleviate pressure on various points of the arm that may cause problems.

Standing Desks

One of this generation’s biggest health concerns is being stagnant or sitting at a desk for extended periods of time. Numerous studies have been conducted that show how detrimental this can be to multiple aspects of your health, so standing desks help counteract these effects. By standing, the body can circulate blood more freely and keep posture aligned. Many companies now offer standing options to help lower healthcare costs.

Lumbar-Supporting Chairs

Okay, so let’s assume you check with your company and can’t get a standing desk installed, another great option is a ergo and lumbar-supporting chair. These provide the support your body needs to maintain natural alignment and reduces “slouching” significantly. This also helps create natural tendencies to sit and move properly. Ultimately, if you’re going to have to sit, at least you’ll have proper alignment while doing so.

Wearable Fitness Trackers

Speaking of sitting too long, one of the biggest advancements in the health field is fitness trackers. Many wearable tech companies offer their own iteration that allow you to track and monitor how active you stay throughout the day. By keeping a close eye on activity level, you can help combat inactivity and get a bit of exercise along the way. So get up and get moving!

Staying Mindful

Alright, so this isn’t technology and not something you’re able to buy online, but it’s easy to do. When texting or browsing on your phone, sitting at a desk or table, or just using any type of technology, think about your neck, spine, arms and legs. If you’re staring down at your phone, your neck is in a vulnerable position, so raise your phone to stay more aligned. Sitting up straight or maintaining good posture allows us to develop good habits when we sit, stand, walk or run. Keep your legs bent or elevated appropriately. When you type, try your best to not rest your wrists on the keyboard or desk. The next time you find yourself slouching or when your back or neck starts feeling sore, correct your positioning. All of these are slight changes that can produce drastic results for your body.

We’re only provided one body in this lifetime, so we must do whatever we can to make sure it’s in the best condition. If you’re already suffering from orthopedic or spine issues, our specialists can help get you back on the fast track to healthy living!

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