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Methodist Hospital for Surgery Recognized as Dallas Morning News Top 100 Companies

For the 11th year, The Dallas Morning News' Top 100 Places to Work magazine honors the latest treasure trove of employers who care enough to offer the very best. These companies are setting new standards in the hopes of attracting and maintaining coveted talent in a competitive labor pool.This year’s winners say that beyond basic benefits, they look for ways to bring employees together as a family.

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In our grandparents’ day, children walked long distances to school with only a lunch pail and a couple of books strapped together.

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Getting Your Back into the Swing of Things

Sports played well are beautiful to watch.Skilled athletes make trained movement look easy to the rest of us.Take golf for example:to make a long drive off the tee, the golfer examines the terrain, judges the distance and wind conditions, chooses the correct club, assumes the proper stance, takes a moment for last minute concentration, pivots the body to achieve maximum power, and swings the club in one fluid downward arc, connecting with the ball, then following the orb to the aimed-for horizon.

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​​Warm Up and Cool Down in the Summertime

The inquiring adult cannot get away from messaging about the importance of exercise for maintaining health.Even 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three times weekly is beneficial for circulation, senses, strength and endurance.Texas summers can get in the way of exercise.It’s hot and hotter well into the evening for months.

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Are You a Victim of Tech Neck?


If you’re a “people-watcher”, you have walked through waiting rooms and lobbies observing people intensely engaged with their cell phone, often for prolonged periods of time.One after another, in rows, not moving at all.Similarly, in the workplace, employees are stationary and staring at their computer screens for hours on end.The neck is locked in a 30-45 degree angle, as if fastened by side-brackets, and suspended in place by tense neck muscles.The arms are flexed to on each side of the body.The only movement is the tapping of the keys.

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Time to Play Ball!

Winter is waning, Spring is in the air.We shake off the cold, and come to life with warm breezes and long sunny days.It’s time to get in shape and get ready for baseball season!

For those who enjoy playing baseball, a good warm-up and stretching exercises are important for avoiding and mitigating serious injury.This goes for everyone from the Little League kids and Softball League adults to the Major League.

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​Keep Moving in Winter

Like bears, humans tend to hibernate during the winter months.Nights are longer, days are shorter and the cold air outside feels less welcoming to the human body.

Think of winter as a physical challenge. Turn the laziness into some fun, reachable goals that will improve your health and vitality.Think of exercise as getting ready for your beach vacation or hiking the Hill Country. It helps to visualize the big goal.

The easiest way to get moving is to join a local recreation center.There will be a monthly cost, but it is rarely unaffordable.There is normally a good assortment of spin cycles, exercise equipment, a track, basketball courts, and often, a pool. Choose what you like to do and go find an exercise partner who will help keep you going toward your goal.

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Our goal at Methodist Hospital for Surgery is to protect the health of our patients, staff and community. We are closely monitoring the latest information on the coronavirus illness. We encourage everyone to follow the latest information from the CDC to prevent the spread of infection. If you have concerns or questions about COVID-19 or are exhibiting symptoms, please contact your primary care provider.

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