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Step Up! Podiatric Insight for Happy, Healthy Feet

Sometimes it’s easy to write off foot pain—blame a long afternoon, ill-fitting shoes or yesterday’s workout—but it’s not something to ignore, especially if it’s persistent. Fortunately, the podiatric specialists at Methodist Hospital for Surgery have some insight for keeping your feet happy, healthy and steadily stepping along. The Most Common Foot Pain Offenders The list […]

Stretch to Stay Injury-Free While Getting Active

Spring abounds! So it’s time to get back outdoors, where you can get active and vary that winter exercise routine—whether you’re participating in sports, biking or running or hiking a trail, the possibilities are endless. But while you’re trekking about the wild outside, make sure you’re aware of potential risks for injury. For insight, we […]

Taking Command of Joint Pain

You probably don’t think about how your joints are functioning when you step out for a stroll—unless those joints are causing pain. In that case, sore hips, throbbing knees and aching shoulders can stop you dead in your tracks.

Methodist Hospital for Surgery Welcomes New President

In October 2014, Methodist Hospital for Surgery proudly welcomed Dan Gideon, FACHE, as its new president who has since been working to implement new programs and enhance current offerings. With almost 30 years of experience leading and managing hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, Gideon is well-equipped to guide Methodist Hospital for Surgery toward continued success, […]

How Joint Wellness Classes Are Empowering Patients

For most people who are nervous about the idea of surgery, it is the fear of the unknown that concerns them most. No one likes to enter a situation with unanswered questions, but the feeling is seriously compounded when you add things like anesthesia and recovery to the equation. To help ease surgery-related fears, Methodist […]

Understanding Chronic Pain & Pain Management

Chronic pain is a phrase often heard in medical practices, but what does it actually refer to? Aaron Lloyd, MD, is a pain specialist at Methodist Hospital for Surgery (MHFS) and recently shared some of his expertise and insight on this topic. According to Dr. Lloyd, the term chronic pain describes a large and varied […]

What is a Medical Imaging Center?

To aid the diagnosis of various diseases and physical ailments, doctors often rely on diagnostic images of internal systems, organs, muscles and bones. Medical imaging centers, which may be standalone or attached to a facility and provide routine diagnostic and imaging services, help expedite the overall diagnostic process. But not all imaging centers are created […]

Understanding Total Knee Replacement

Of all the orthopedic surgeries available to patients, perhaps one of the most common is total knee replacement surgery. While this surgery has historically been reserved for older patients—typically mid-60s and on—newer technology is opening the door for younger patients to reclaim an active lifestyle following a knee replacement. According to Dr. William Tucker Jr., […]

October is Spine Health Awareness Month

National Spine Health Awareness Month is observed every October as a public reminder of how important spinal health is. The state of a person’s back has considerable affect on their quality of life, thanks largely to its impact on physical capability.

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What exactly is carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)? The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway of ligament and bone at the base of the hand and it houses the median nerve, which runs through the forearm into the palm. CTS occurs when the median nerve becomes compressed or squeezed at the carpal tunnel site. As for […]